Home Movies Just Got Professional

If you have memories of clunky home video cameras with tapes, recordable discs that needed to be changed every 25 minutes, or heavy batteries that required constant recharging with tangled cables, the new range of options in compact digital video cameras will be a refreshing surprise for many. Sleek new features are making home video recording a whole new experience, allowing users to be more creative and efficient with their video recording than ever before Read more.

Flash memory – Touted as the future memory format in video cameras, flash memory eliminates the need for pricey and inconvenient tapes and recordable CDs. Flash memory also makes it easier to upload your video onto a computer or other device, without needing to worry about capturing from a tape or CD, and also offers faster recording and playback, great reliability, and lower power consumption.

Creative filters – If you like having all the modern technology, but prefer a more old-school look, new digital cameras have built-in creative filters which you can either apply while shooting, or add to your photos and video after they’ve been shot. Effects nowadays go far beyond simple black & white and sepia tones, instead branching out into grainy film, cinematic, monochrome blue, and toy camera effects, to name just a few.

Improvements in video editing software -These range from free programs such as Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, to more advanced options such as Adobe Premier Pro. Nevertheless, programs are allowing video makers to do more and more with their recorded video, and streamlined features make it easy to import video from your camera.

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